Financial Services à la carte


Available as a stand-alone service for HOAs anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, or included in a multi-service scope of work.


  • Board member online view access of invoices.
  • Prepare and send monthly financial statements and reports to the Board.
  • Bank lockbox service ensures accurate, timely deposits with options for recurring payments and credit cards.
  • Aggressively collect delinquent dues, including contingency options with guaranteed results.
  • Maintain accounting records and HOA documents.
  • Assist the Board in preparation of the annual budget and arrange preparation of tax returns and annual audit by an independent CPA.
  • Send association notices and HOA newsletters to residents.
  • Board members are given online access to HOA bank accounts, so they always know how HOA funds are being spent.
  • Obtain Reserve Study to ensure appropriate long-term funding.

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Condominium and homeowner association management by Veracity Inc.


Financial Tips for HOA Board Members

Ten insights that help board members have peace of mind.

  • Developing a budget to monitoring expenses
  • Maintaining adequate reserves to communicating transparency

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