Clients Endorse Veracity


We hired Veracity 7 years ago, and they saved our complex.

They are expertly knowledgeable and competent in every aspect of property management, and are loyal to sensible fairness and truth. They are especially adept with legal and financial issues. Admirably, they have zero tolerance for nonsense, and will stop abusive vitriol in its tracks. If you want an intelligent, responsible management company that will fiercely protect the soundness of your property with unmatched mastery, then hire Veracity. If you want pushovers with no backbone then look elsewhere, because you can’t scare Veracity with bully tactics or fool them with blame for your mistakes. They don’t set the dues, they collect them.

Personally, they are brilliant, kind, and humorous. They serve their industry and clients in a selfless capacity as if they answered a calling. We will keep them employed forever, as we have never had a company serve us so well. Since Veracity became our management company, our reserve funds have increased 900% and our property values have doubled (not exaggerating). Under their supervision absolutely nothing slips through the cracks, because there are none. You will not find a more capable team, nor will you regret tasking them to the stewardship of your valued property and assets.

Kennon A.

HOA Treasurer

Veracity, Inc. became the property manager of our 136 condominium homeowners association in October 2005. Their management has led to a dramatic improvement in virtually every aspect of our association’s business affairs.

“Veracity took over property management responsibilities from an inept predecessor and promptly set about upgrading our financial reporting, improving property inspection practices and helping to educate the board on its governance responsibilities. Talented and conscientious, their manager has made a real difference in the quality and performance of our association. I can recommend Veracity without reservation to any homeowner’s association that needs first-rate property management.

Dr. John M.

HOA Treasurer

Veracity has gone over and above on every task that they have taken on. Veracity displays leadership in the industry of property management.

Rebecca R.

HOA Vice President

We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Veracity. Financial information is clear and easily understood. Integrity of our property has improved through guidance, knowledge and valuable options presented to our Board of Directors. We appreciate the steadfast performance generated by the team of experts partnering with us at Veracity.

Charlene L.

HOA Treasurer

Veracity, for a very competitive price, relieved our Board and officers from much of the burdensome administrative duties of our HOA and allowed us to focus on management. I am happy that we chose Veracity.

Russell M., Esq.

HOA President

I have been especially pleased with Veracity’s prompt response and follow through on board requests and concerns, as well as their disciplined focus on reducing delinquencies!

Thomas H.

HOA Treasurer

Our homeowners association has been very pleased with the services and professionalism provided by Veracity. Veracity provides us prompt, knowledgeable and professional service that never leaves the board feeling like we are making decisions without appropriate guidance. Among other improvements, Veracity has helped our board to eliminate unnecessary expenses and negotiate better contracts. The result has been that we have improved the services provided to our homeowners while decreasing the association dues.

Frank S.

HOA President

Veracity reviewed each and every service contract, i.e. pest control, trash service, landscape, etc. and brought the same or better service for the same or less money.

John K.

HOA President

We have been completely happy with Veracity.

Ben S.

HOA President

If you’re looking for hands-on management, look no further.

Tyrane R.

HOA President

Very detailed and by the book, which is what we needed, knew more than what we knew regarding our HOA.

Julie C.

HOA Treasurer

Veracity is both well organized and responsive.

Ted R.

HOA Vice President

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