Top Concerns for HOA Board Members – Part 2

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Here are three more to round out what’s top of mind right now and what we work on with our clients to provide them with peace of mind.

Community Engagement and Participation: Encouraging active participation through committees and community events.

Transition and Turnover: Managing the transition of control from the developer to the homeowner-elected board can be a complex process, involving financial, legal, and operational considerations. Ensuring a smooth turnover and addressing any unresolved issues from the developer’s tenure are critical for the HOA’s future success.

Dispute Resolution: Resolving conflicts and disputes among homeowners, between homeowners and the HOA board, or with neighboring communities requires diplomacy, mediation, and sometimes legal intervention.

Addressing the challenges outlined in these three latest posts requires proactive planning, effective communication, sound governance practices, and collaboration between the HOA board, property management, and homeowners.


Financial Tips for HOA Board Members

Ten insights that help board members have peace of mind.

  • Developing a budget to monitoring expenses
  • Maintaining adequate reserves to communicating transparency

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